Swimbeam Training is a sports startup 2 years into our journey, targeting the global swim, surf, triathlon and fitness markets.  We now need the right talent to help drive growth, in the form of a truly outstanding Sales and Marketing Manager/Director.

As you may have gathered from the site, WE HAVE

– a proven product, market tested and iterated through many design improvements

– top flight (Olympic and World Champion-level) ambassadors

– one of Europe’s most successful coaches on board as our Training Director

– increasing exposure in our target markets, and rapidly growing sales

We also have:

– a £100K patentable technology development project starting with one of the top Universities in the UK

– a partnership with UK market leaders in the gym/fitness industry, and other potential partners on a global basis.

We’re now funded for growth, and ready to start properly hitting it up.  This is an opportunity to join a tight team, with big ambitions.  We’re shooting to be the very best in our sector, where our current product is just the beginning.   


– may be ready for a Director-level post, and can tick all of the boxes below.  Or they may be earlier in their career, with the ambition, confidence and energy to grow into this.  In either case, we want you to share in the rewards of success, and our existing contacts and momentum will help to give you a terrific start.


– someone we can enjoy working with, who can play to their strengths, strengthen the team, and has:

  • above and beyond customer service and support” inbuilt as a personal factory setting;
  • a proven track record of scaling up sales of sports equipment or services in UK, EU and global markets (we’d value proven sales credentials over marketing expertise);
  • the ability to take a strategic view (develop promotion plans and strategies), AND drive hands-on sales activity.  Your sales team will grow in time, but this will be demand-driven, and determined initially by the success of this key role.
  • the ability to build trust and lasting relationships – from 1st contact to closure to post-sales – with new clients and partner organisations.  These will include swim clubs, national coaching federations, triathlon clubs and coaches, surf training organisations, physiotherapists and injury rehab clinics, gyms and health clubs, schools and universities, both in the UK and abroad.
  • tech-savvy, with strong start-up and creative DNA.  We’re a small, young company, so expect to be developing many of the answers yourself.
  • Top Trumps in communication, people and relationship building


We feel we’re in reasonable shape re. our online presence for now, but there is much more to be done.  Ideally, the new role will have oversight for all on-line activity including:

  • managing our overall social media and online presence
  • maximising the value of our ambassadors
  • developing new promotion strategies via existing and new channels
  • reaching into international networks and markets
  • plus wider brand image and communications activity


  1. We hope you’ll be an awesome success, and will grow this into a full-time role.  For the 1st few months, we’d like to hire you as a freelancer or part-time, so you needn’t give up your current job, and could certainly fit this in alongside other work.
  2. You’ll need your own car, and a full UK driving license.
  3. We’re based in Scotland, and you can be too, but South-East England is closest to our UK target markets, and where you’ll probably spend most of your UK company time.  Open them up, and you’ll create travel opportunities from Europe to the US and Australasia.


If you’ve got what it takes, we can offer:

  • competitive pro-rata salary, with bonus potential
  • a high-energy, people-focussed work environment
  • great food when you’re working from our Edinburgh base (we cook Italian, Moroccan, BBQ-Pit-Boy style (check ‘em on youtube), and more
  • the full start-up joy: as many early-stage business challenges and growth opportunities as you can handle.

If you’ve really got what it takes, there’s also a vesting equity stake in the firm with your name on it.  If you’re ready for all of this now, your experience will do its own talking.  If you’re earlier in your career-stage, that’s great – we’ll help you get there.

For a chat through whether this may be right for you, please email info@swimbeam.com or call Jamie on 07944 334896.