Dryland training equipment for coaches, pools, clubs and gyms.

Unlike underwater video analysis, on an Airtrainer, corrections can be made in real time, and correct habits - from building a positive catch, to addressing high elbows and vertical forearms - can be immediately established. In coached sessions, Airtraining works ideally on the pool deck, where swimmers can hop out of the water for remedial work on anything from a tendency to crossover at the front end of the stroke, to a suboptimal or S-shaped pull pattern. Because Airtraining develops the same biomechanics as a swim stroke, these improvements transfer immediately over on return the water.

"As a coach and athlete I’ve found Swimbeam a unique and invaluable tool. It lets you isolate and correct technique, and improve muscle memory and activation in a way that you simply can't do in the water, or at the gym. I found my swim biomechanics, efficiency and speed improve after just one go on Swimbeam, and that's after 10 years as a competitive swimmer! It's variable resistance lets you perform swim specific strength work at a much more demanding level than in the water, it's hugely useful in recovering from injury, and another massive benefit is the time saving - you can pack twice as much quality technique or strength work into half the time of a trip to the pool."
Joel Enoch, Head Coach Hartree JETS Ecosse, Scottish Triathlon Performance Development Coach of the Year 2015

We're delighted to be working with leading swim squads, and triathlon and health clubs, including BEST Swim Centre in Mallorca, Team Bear Tri Club, Nuffield Health in Edinburgh and more.